Homeowners in Boise, Idaho, often think they’ve seen Chad Vincent around. Some even insist, mistakenly, that they’ve met. In fact, the man they think they know, and who has compelled many of them to hire his company, Renaissance Remodeling is his 12-foot-high image on a billboard.

“I have had several people call me from ‘under the sign,’” Vincent says. “They were thankful that we ‘reminded them’ at the right moment.” Some of these calls have led to $300,000-plus projects, he adds.

courtesy Renaissance Remodeling and FusionSet

Turns out that billboards haven’t gone the way of Burma-Shave after all, though they tend to be more cost-effective in smaller, very drive-intensive markets, says Donna Geisler of FusionSet, the marketing communications company that Vincent uses.

In 2008, FusionSet worked with the remodeler on three billboards, along with other marketing efforts. At upward of $4,000 per month (varies by market), outdoor advertising isn’t cheap, Geisler says, “But it’s big, like King Kong. You can’t help but notice it here.”

Renaissance Remodeling’s most popular billboard was the “Vote Yes” campaign, shown here, which ran during the fall election. Billboards that coincided with Mother’s Day and Father’s Day — historically, busy times for the company — also played well. “[Outdoor advertising] works for us, and it drives my competitors nuts,” Vincent says.

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