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Five Methods of Recognizing Earned Income

True profitability rests on earned revenue, not cash received. More

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4 Ways to Battle Rising Costs for Building Materials

Now’s the time to get creative so your business can deal with increased costs. More

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Getting Labor Burden Right

If you estimate using a partially burdened cost for your labor, you risk... More

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To Grow Your Business You Need to Expand Your Cash Flow

You can get big so fast you’ll implode. Here’s how to make sure your funds... More

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Cleaning Up A/R: An In-Depth Guide

To avoid tax pains, take the time to conduct a careful review of your Accounts... More

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It's That Time Again: Yearly Tax Prep

In preparation for filing taxes, here is what is required to conduct a proper... More

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There's More Than One Kind of Overhead

To price jobs right, you need to get overhead right first. More

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Strategies for Increasing Your Markup

Ever have that sinking feeling that you just sold a job or two at a markup you now... More

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Finding the Money to Retire Well

When you are a self-employed contractor, it isn't easy to retire with money in the... More

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Surviving the Crush of a Rocking Remodeling Market

Busier than ever? Don't fall behind on presenting invoices and tracking costs. More

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