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AFCI Means Safer Homes

Why risk your projects and reputation on the chance of an electrical fire? More

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Home Depot Foundation Expands Training Program to 250 High Schools Nationwide

In five years, the Path to Pro program has introduced more than 15,000 individuals... More

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Understanding How Water Pipes Freeze

Why do hot water pipes freeze and burst more frequently than cold water pipes? More

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The Job-Mobility Factor

One of the seldom mentioned benefits to working in the building trades is the... More

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Hot Water Retrofit for an Old House

Most domestic water pipes are too long and too big, leading to long waits for hot... More

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Building a Screened Porch Under a Rooftop Deck

Instead of piers, this two-level screened porch is supported by a poured stem-wall... More

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Solution for a Crumbling Concrete Deck

Repairing a failed concrete surface starts with figuring out what caused the problem. More

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Making Waves With Cedar Shingle Siding

Mike Guertin explains how to add a custom wave pattern in cedar shingles to the... More

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Playpen Backyard

In an urban setting, where space is at a premium, New Jersey contractor Rob Corbo... More

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Preventing Drainage Problems on Low-Slope Roofs

Deflection can cause water to pond on roofs that meet design requirements for... More

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