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When a business’ focus changes or its offerings begin to shift to meet a new demand, its name—especially if established decades ago—sometimes may not seem to fit like it once did. Whether considering a rebrand to consolidate multiple identities, match a fresh direction, or avoid legal concerns, defining “the why” is a necessary step before jumping through the many hoops a rebrand can present.

ARK Homes for Rent, formally known as Transcendent Electra, announced its rebrand at the start of the year with a goal to acquire and develop new single-family rental (SFR) properties. In February, Brightland Homes announced its new name, unifying Gehan Homes, Gray Point Homes, and Wonderland Homes into one identity across Arizona, Colorado, Tennessee, and Texas.

Having gone through the process recently, BUILDER asked Christina Lombardo, vice president of marketing of Brightland Homes, and Jordan Kavana, CEO and founder of ARK Homes for Rent, to share their insights on how to make rebranding easier—and the benefits they’re experiencing.

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