Over the past several months, homeowners have become more likely to complete home improvement projects, particularly outdoor projects. The change in attitudes towards outdoor home improvements are a result of lifestyle changes caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and shelter-in-place restrictions. Cleveland-based research group The Freedonia Group reported homeowners were more likely to DIY kitchen and bathroom remodels, painting and reflooring projects, and outdoor living projects while sheltering-in-place due to COVID-19.

During the summer months, as homeowners canceled vacation and other summer plans, pool, spa, and general outdoor living product sales spiked across the United States. The Freedonia Group's COVID-19 Economic Impact Tracker shows that outdoor furniture and grills, outdoor kitchens, and decking were among the product segments to experience a COVID-19-related sales boost.

As the summer months wind down and interest in pools and gardens passes its peak, The Freedonia Group projects sheds, patio heating products, and garage conversion kits are among the product segments that could be in line for higher sales volumes in the fall because of the effects of the pandemic.

Supplemental structures, such as sheds, tiny houses, and "granny pods," will likely be popular among consumers, as the spaces provide an option for an additional office space, a classroom for school-aged children, and play space, as well a room for guest stays or clean socializing. The Freedonia Group projects the "increasingly diverse uses" for sheds and prefabricated housing structures will support demand through the pandemic and beyond.

As temperatures drop and homeowners remain largely confined to their living spaces, The Freedonia Group projects consumers will seek ways to make their outdoor living spaces more comfortable. As a result, patio heating products, such as fire pits, fireplaces, and radiant heaters, are expected to see a boost in demand during the autumn months.

Additionally, The Freedonia Group projects garage conversion kits—to organize and convert the space into a workout, hobby, or office area—and indoor air cleaners with HEPA filters and UV lights are among the product categories that could experience COVID-19-related sales growth during the fall months.