True to his San Francisco roots, Jason Langkammerer doesn’t just want to best his competition. As both an architect and general contractor, he wants to disrupt the entire market with “integrated architecture and construction services.”

“We tend to get grouped with interior remodelers although we are a full-fledged architecture firm. There are not many colleagues we know who hold both licenses,” says Langkammerer, the firm’s president. “This positions us as bona fide professionals in both architecture and construction and allows us to provide design/build services at a larger scale.”

AT6 does large-scale additions along with custom homes, and Langkammerer hopes to branch into multifamily and commercial work as well. But for him and his team, it’s less about the category of the work and more about how inspiring it is. He even tracks projects by their inspiration quotient to make sure the majority of projects meet that metric.

Keeping the focus on those kinds of intangibles has allowed Langkammerer to attract and maintain a core group of homegrown staff, who do most of the work, and has further set the company apart. “We feel that by keeping it in-house, we can provide a better experience for our clients and more easily communicate and work on our systems and processes to improve as a company,” he says.

Although he developed a number of key systems on his own, Langkammerer realized just how much he had to improve after he joined Remodelers Advantage, which he credits for helping him shore up his weak spots. “It’s been essential,” he says. “I can’t say enough about what they provided.”