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What is the Lifetime of a Lifetime Warranty?

How to set expectations for warranties on the products your company installs More

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A Punch List That Won't Knock You Out

To keep the final phase of a job from derailing, make sure you address these 9 items. More

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Replacement Contractor: Wading Through Window Warranties

A window's warranty should be one of the first selection to consider, regardless... More

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Connecticut Governor Vetoes Warranty Claims Bill

Northeastern Retail Lumber Association and Window & Door Manufacturers Association... More

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How Good is Your Window Warranty?

6 points to answer that question to protect yourself — and your customers More

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What’s Your Policy on Warranties? It Should Be: ‘It Depends.’

Know your local laws, buy liability insurance, and don’t go beyond what the... More

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Unleash Your Sales and Marketing Superpower: Customer Service

Keep clients happy—and your sanity intact—by providing top-notch customer service More

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Callback Crunch: Ways to Limit Warranty Woes

Warranty work is inevitable, experienced contractors say. It’s also manageable.... More

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How Warranties Can Help You Sell Roof Work

Long-term workmanship warranties can be a potent marketing and sales tool More

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