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The Danger of Installing Vinyl Siding in Cold Climates

Beware of plastic and composite sidings without vented rainscreens More

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Freedonia Group: Regional Construction Activity Impacting Siding Material Market Shares

The popularity of stucco in the western and southern regions has allowed the... More

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Study: Demand for Vinyl Flooring and Tiles on the Rise

Demand for luxury vinyl tile has quadrupled in the past five years and demand for... More

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Freedonia Group: Wood-Alternative Products to Increase Decking Share Through 2023

The group forecasts demand for vinyl decking and standard PVC decking will... More

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Vinyl, Metal Windows to Drive Demand Growth Through 2023

The Freedonia Group projects demand for windows will increase 4.5% annually over... More

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Hardwood Tops Home Buyers’ Flooring Preferences

With more product offerings and growing demand, builders are turning to hardwood... More

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Hollow vs. Insulated Vinyl: Which Should You Use?

Vinyl siding is the most common cladding system in new-home construction thanks to a number of strong selling points. In recent years, insulated vinyl siding has entered the fray and added an option when it comes to vinyl siding. What are your thoughts? More

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On the Outside: The Latest in Exterior Products

The past year has seen the introduction of a number of new non-wood exterior products. Here are some of the latest. More

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Merits of Window Framing Materials

While the glazing in a new window may make up the majority of the product's energy efficiency, the framing can also be a contributor to heat transfer. By combining the right glass with the correct framing material you can give customers the highest energy-efficient window unit possible. More

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