Supply Chain

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Material Prices Keep Rising

Lumber and other building material prices move up 19% year-over-year More

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Lumber Price Volatility at 75-Year High

Building material prices increased 15.9% in 2021 and have increased 18.6% since... More

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How the Supply Chain Is Strangling Real Estate

From appliances to pieces of pipe, items needed to build or fix homes have become... More

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Lumber Prices Begin to Recover

Despite a recent drop, prices will likely remain far above pre-pandemic levels for... More

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Coping with Material Shortages

Over two thirds of survey respondents have lost work due to exorbitant material... More

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How to Plan for a Volatile Market and Uncertain Future

Why business fundamentals matter even when the client pipeline is full. More

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The Impact of Material Shortages and Their Rising Costs

Strategies to combat the impact of pandemic-induced supply chain problems . More

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LP Building Solutions Debuts Elements Performance Fencing

The engineered wood solution is made to resist hail, high winds, humid... More

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Bosch Partners With Home Depot for Distribution

The retailer will now carry Bosch appliances in its U.S. locations. More

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