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Peeling Back the Layers of a Kitchen Remodel

Mike Whalen explains how he and the DBS crew tackle an old house kitchen remodel. More

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Hanger Options for Irregular Joists?

Jake Lewandowski explains how to support uneven-width joists with metal hangers... More

Deck Ledgers and Cantilevered Floor Trusses

You can't just bolt a deck ledger to a truss floor system without the help of an... More

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Resurrecting a Sagging Roof

Jake Lewandowski saves a failing home addition. More

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An Armchair Engineer's Reading List

These entertaining books that examine the structural underpinnings of many of the... More

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Rescuing a Failing Structure

How an underbuilt roof led to destruction of first-floor joists More

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Repairing a Buckled Ceiling

Jake Lewandowski explains how poor framing and a meager insulation job led to... More

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Pinning Column Footings to Broken Ledge

How Manny Silva replaced four structural columns supporting a three-story house... More

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Roof Collapse Averted

How an engineer fixed a simple framing error that could have resulted in a total... More

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Adding a Steel 'Backbone' to a Failed Ridge Beam

How a structural repair specialist fitted a rotted heavy timber ridge in an old... More

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