Box-Framed Curved Deck Stairs

A series of ascending tapered boxes form the framework for the stair’s treads and... More

Quicker Stair Stringer Support

Pylex screw piles can be installed by hand, and might let you skip the concrete. More

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Rock-Solid Stair Posts

Discover Mike Guertin's secret for reinforcing the structural connections More

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Deck Stair Upgrades

Four approaches to stair design that will make your decks stand out from the crowd. More

Better Porch Stairs

Manny Silva explains how to pattern-rout deck stair stringers and trim for a... More

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Panel Discussion: Safe and Durable Deck Stairs

Watch now to learn practical details on building safe stairs that will last for... More

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Connecting Guard Posts to Deck Frames

Mike Guertin shows how screws and blocking can be used to make guard post... More

Guards, Handrails, and the 2021 IRC

Glenn Mathewson explains the new code requirements for guards and handrails on decks. More

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Fitting New Stairs Into a Tight Space

Retrofitting a narrow townhouse with a new staircase while meeting code proved to... More

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Opening Up a Narrow Room

Using glass panels to separate a basement stairwell from the living room and... More

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