Snow and Ice Control

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Should You Install a Full-Coverage Ice Barrier?

Doug Horgan explains why this might be done and what could go wrong. More

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Feeling a Chill on the Job. Try This Winter-Weather Jobsite Gear

Don’t let cold and snowy weather slow down your projects More

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7 Products to Get You Warmed Up for Winter

Keep winter's chill at bay with these products for small or large projects More

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When a Good Angie’s List Promotion Goes Bad—Fast

Sure, promotions on the review site attract customers, but what happens when something goes wrong? More

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Why Smart Roofers Do Attic Inspections

If you don't currently do attic inspections as part of your process for selling roofing, read on. An attic inspection will not only yield important information about the state of the roof, it will also set your company apart from the competition. More

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On the Outside: The Latest in Exterior Products

The past year has seen the introduction of a number of new non-wood exterior products. Here are some of the latest. More

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Outdoor Remodel Takes in the View

An outdoor kitchen, cozy fireplace, and sandstone patio with hot tub make the most of the outdoors for entertaining in Idaho. More

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Winter wears on ... and what not to do about it

Even after Spring springs, Winter keeps up its ferocious blast ... often to the demise of roofs. Here are smart tactics to deal with ice, snow, pelting sleet, and winds, as well as sound counsel on a common mistake to steer clear of. More

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Roofs that resist one hail of a test storm

Firing 72 barrels from a dozen "hail cannons," researchers sent some 10,000 ice balls onto the roof of a full-scale house. It was the first-ever indoor hailstorm, designed to evaluate how well roofing and other building materials can withstand the ravages of a full-blown hailstorm. More

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