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Time Is Money: Tips for Improving Productivity

Companies that have taken overhead as low as it can go but are still facing price pressure can look to improved field productivity to preserve profits. More

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Living History: Past Lessons Learned From Near-Bankruptcy Help During the Recession

How one remodeler's brush with bankruptcy in 2003 has helped his business weather the current economic downturn. More

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Small Jobs Done Efficiently

Keep in mind: Complexity, not size, is the determining factor when it comes to "... More

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Tripping Out: Reducing Lumberyard Runs Is a Matter of Planning

Checkout lines may be shorter, but trips to the building materials store are still time wasted and money lost. More

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Re-Leading the Way: The Return of the Lead Carpenter System

One of the best ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency is the lead carpenter system. More

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The Weekly Check: Job-Progress Meetings

Weekly job status meetings help keep jobs on time and on budget and identify problems before they get out of control. More

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Protect Your Company Against Construction Fraud

Construction fraud has worsened in the troubled economy. Here's what you can do to protect your company. More

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Pinpointing Slippage

By tracking the actual and budgeted costs of individual line items for each job,... More

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