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Traditional Siding for a Hemp Home

Clad with cedar shingles, this Cape Cod home has a hempline core. More

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Rebuilding a Box Bay Window

Inadequate structural details and flashing led to the early demise of this home's... More

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The Danger of Installing Vinyl Siding in Cold Climates

Beware of plastic and composite sidings without vented rainscreens More

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Detailing Rotproof Wood Exteriors

A practical guide to common construction details that shed water and minimize... More

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Working With Poly-Ash Siding and Trim

Mike Sloggatt gives us the pros and cons of poly-ash siding. More

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Panelized Stone Cladding

Panels only weigh between 2.5 and 3.5 pounds per square foot. More

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Making Waves With Cedar Shingle Siding

Mike Guertin explains how to add a custom wave pattern in cedar shingles to the... More

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Making Open-Joint Siding Work

Open joint siding is currently all the rage but it takes careful detailing to... More

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Working with Fiber-Cement Shingles

Panel layout can be a head-scratching challenge. More

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Ventilated Rainscreen Siding Basics

Water-managed wall systems are a valuable upgrade for high-performance homes. More

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