Second Story

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Modular Convenience: Remodeling With Modules to Save Time and Money

Using modules, a ranch house gets a complete second-story addition in just four weeks, start to finish. More

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The Upside of Design

Design considerations when remodeling attic spaces. More

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Tuscan-themed overhaul transforms dull ranch house

The design/build remodeler on this project used a Tuscan-themed overhaul both inside and out to add style and warmth to a dull ranch house. More

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Two-Story Addition

People usually add on to stay put, points out Kerry Butler, owner of Butler Construction Services, a full-service remodeling company in Kelso, Wash. "They like the neighborhood, the school district. They've looked at newer, larger homes and decided to invest in the home they have and stay in the neighborhood."Real estate agents agree, rating this project a 94% recoup overall, with the recoup on additions in areas such as Washington, D.C. (177%), and San Francisco (126%) returning even more. More

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