Salvaged Materials

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Kirei Coco Tiles

Create a tropical and tactile wall covering with Coco Tiles. More

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CMI CraftMaster Green Doors

Made with sustainable materials, low-VOC primers and adhesives, and no added urea formaldehyde, new CraftMaster Green Doors are available in all CraftMaster raised-panel, molded door designs. More

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Reader Panel: What Does Green Mean to Your Company?

Most remodelers identify their companies as 'moderately green.' Find out more about what that means. More

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Products for Green Remodeling From Klip BioTechnologies, Crossville Tile, Mr. Bamboo, and Progress Lighting

Green products from Klip BioTechnologies, Crossville Tile, Mr. Bamboo, and Progress Lighting More

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Good-Looking Kitchens That Work

“A workable kitchen can be beautiful, but a beautiful kitchen is not always workable.” More

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Green Kitchen Design

This Tucson, Ariz., kitchen design shows that paying attention to basic principles... More

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Green Remodeling: Eclectic Kitchen

Green principles guide the remodel of a cramped kitchen. More

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Upscale Kitchen and Bath Products

With sensitivity toward reuse and recycling, many companies are taking a close look at the materials that go into their products. From reclaimed wood cabinet components to artistic impressions on copper and stainless steel, these products are truly materialistic. More

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Defining Green Building

Remodeler Michael Anschel offers some perspective on seeing "green" as a whole-house effort. More

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