Return on Investment

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Investing in Your Construction Company

Read this before buying that new truck. More

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Four Remodeling Suggestions for Clients Thinking About Resale

Steer clients looking to sell toward practical, attractive exterior projects More

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10 Marketing Tricks From The Pros

These tips from professional marketers will give you an immediate boost in the return on investment of your marketing efforts. More

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How to add curb appeal

Replacement windows and roof are key features to upgrading a home's curb appeal. More

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Window Replacement: A Project That Pays Back

Cost vs. Value data shows that window replacement projects are once again on the upswing, Providing a bigger payback than larger discretionary remodeling projects. More

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10 Questions to Ask When Measuring Your Social Media ROI

How do you measure social media return on investment? Use these expert questions to help you gauge the success of your social media marketing efforts. More

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Drop the Discounts: Freebies Drive Up Value of Services

How about throwing in a free half-bath with that new kitchen? According to new research, consumers see items given away for free as being more valuable than those offered at a deep discount, particularly when paired with something seen as a luxury. More

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Here's a Simple Way To Track Lead Sources

A combination of pen-and-paper and simple spreadsheet commands provides an... More

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RMLC Panelists Share Social Media Success Stories

Paul Hamtil, David Merrick, and Chris Wright share their candid insight into how to make social media work for relationship building, lead generation, and brand awareness. More

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