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Deep Structural Retrofit

Jake Lewandowski explains how he remedied a home's rotted frame by completely... More

Resurfacing a Deck

Mark Clement shares his common-sense approach to replacing decking on an existing... More

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Resurrecting a Sagging Roof

Jake Lewandowski saves a failing home addition. More

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Getting to the Bottom of a Stone-Veneer Leak

A multilayered membrane and proper through-wall flashing were key elements in the... More

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Repairing a Termite-Damaged House

Fixing the trail of destruction left by these hungry critters is a team effort. More

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Rescuing a Failing Structure

How an underbuilt roof led to destruction of first-floor joists More

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Reinforcing a Foundation with Structural Strapping

Fixing a cracked concrete-block foundation walls with carbon fiber and epoxy More

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When Hidden Defects Complicate a Simple Deck Replacement

Nobody expected that the condo's I-joist floor system was built without rim joists. More

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Sealing Foundation Cracks With Epoxy

Jake Lewandowski explains how to use epoxy to seal leaky cracks in masonry walls. More

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Repairing a Buckled Ceiling

Jake Lewandowski explains how poor framing and a meager insulation job led to... More

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