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Mortgage Applications for New Homes Fall 28.6% on Year-Over-Year Basis in October

As mortgage rates rise to around 7%, both housing demand and the purchasing power... More

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Developing an Effective Product Selection Process

Client education and constant communication are a magic combination for staying on... More

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Do the Math: Supplier Discounts

The 2% purchase discount on your supplier invoices might not seem worth the... More

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Breithaupt: For Remodelers, Planning and Pictures Go Hand-in-Hand

When it comes to remodeling, planning and design are just as important as building and product selection. Ensure that clients understand your vision by providing a detailed drawing�one with cabinets, countertops, plumbing fixtures, and room sizes drawn to scale�of the final product. More

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Continuous Insulation

Not all exterior insulation needs to be installed as its own component. Try these... More

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Contractor Optimism Reflected in Purchasing Decisions

Loosened purse strings means contractors can focus on choosing quality products rather than looking for bargains. More

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Move Over Baby Boomers: Gen Y Has Purchasing Power

Remodelers take note: Masco Cabinetry research finds Generation Y is a larger consumer group than the baby boomers and Gen Yers are now buying big-ticket items such as homes and remodeling services. More

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Buying Power

A new study shows that big-ticket purchases can stress out consumers. Getting past that stress is the key to having them buy quickly ó and buy again. More

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