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Knipex Cobra Quick Set Pliers

Knipex expands its Cobra Water Pump Pliers line with new quick set pliers. More

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Knipex Cobra Quick Set Water Pump Pliers

The jaws of these pliers can be adjusted one-handed. More

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Self-Control: Rinnai Pump and Timer Kit

Let homeowners set the timing of their hot water supply to coincide with demand with this pump-and-timer kit. More

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Earth-Bound Efficiency: WaterFurnace 7 Series Geothermal Heat Pumps

The 7 Series geothermal heat pumps offer an extended range of operation for high-efficiency cooling under any conditions. More

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Conditioning & Comfort: Luxaire Acclimate Dual Fuel Heat Pumps

A two-step compressor handles cooling and heat pump operations for this environmentally friendly unit. More

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Water: A Resource at Risk

How widespread water shortages, driven by climate change and population growth,... More

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A Green Review on Water Products

Michael Anschel and Carl Seville share their product picks from this year's Green... More

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Rheem HP-50 Heat Pump Water Heater

With an energy factor of 2.0, the new HP-50 Heat Pump Water Heater offers more... More

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Wayne Water Systems Sump Pump Capacitance Switch

The consumer Wayne Pumps and professional Blue Angel sump pump product lines feature new capacitance switch technology that lasts up to five times longer than traditional mechanical switches. More

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Geothermal Heat Pumps: Long History, Garnering Fresh Interest

Geothermal heating and cooling is becoming a real option for many U.S. homeowners, and the 2009 tax credits are added incentive to pursue this renewable-energy option. More

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