Performance Evaluation

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How Zach Snider Creates a Meaningful Workplace

The Case Award finalist tracks and rewards employee performance to help them do... More

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Workplace Empowerment: Turn Your Company's Management Plan on Its Ear

Geoff Graham on how empowering your employees can have amazing results for you, them, and your business. More

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The Tardy Boys: Have You Heard Any of These Excuses From Late Workers?

Some employees will say almost anything to explain why they are late to the jobsite. More

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Stand Up and Be Recognized

Recognition can motivate employees and reduce turnover. More

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It's About Time: Job Clocks Boost Employee Punctuality & More

Job clock software offers benefits beyond simply reducing employee tardiness. More

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Business How-To: Implementing an Incentive Plan to Motivate Employees

Motivating and rewarding employees through an incentive plan is nothing new, but take care to choose the approach that's right for your company and your staff. More

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Measuring Your Team

Two key metrics for measuring team strength. More

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A Filter for Hires: Two-Step Hiring Process Filters All But Strongest Job Candidates

California remodeler's two-step hiring process includes 242-task self-assessment form. More

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On-Site All Right: Daily Jobsite Log

This daily job log helps Washington remodeler Joseph Irons invoice accurately. More

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