Payment Methods

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New Poll Shows Remodeling Desires Remain Strong

Tax reform appears to be leading to budget increases More

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Doing Hurricane Repair Work? Read These 8 Expert Tips First

An insurance adjusting authority shares advice on getting paid — and not getting... More

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Your Business Has Improved, but Your Payments to Suppliers Haven't Done the Same

BlueTarp study of 120,000 contractors finds delinquency rates unchanged amid... More

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Proposed Overtime Rule Would Cover Many More Workers

The proposal would increase the salary threshold for overtime pay protections to $47,892. More

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How to Get Paid for Your Work

Collecting what's due starts with having the right attitude, but knowing some useful techniques to get paid also will help, Bruce Case says. More

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Financing Fundamentals: An Interview With Jeff Moeslein

Remodeler Jeff Moeslein gives a sneak peek at his upcoming session on financing. Learn the basics behind how his company offers this option to clients. More

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Don't Let One Missed Draw Sink Your Company

Saving regularly and not squandering profits is one way companies can make sure they never miss a payday. More

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EFTPS: Free tax payment system: Moves tax payment information and funds

The Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) is offered for free from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Financial Management Service (FMS). There are two primary payment methods, EFTPS-Direct and EFTPS-Through a Financial Institution. More

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