Payment Methods

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10 Ways to Get Paid Faster ... and in Full

If you're in the remodeling business to make money, and not just earn a wage,... More

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How to Successfully Close-Out a Remodeling Job

When is a project ever “done” in the minds of both the client and the remodeler? More

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Getting Labor Burden Right

If you estimate using a partially burdened cost for your labor, you risk... More

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Levelset's Contractor Profiles Aim to Identify Slow Paying Contractors

The feature allows anyone to read and share real-time reviews, ratings, and... More

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Construction Money Management Startup Raises $30 Million in Funding

Levelset is focused on digitizing billing and payments and providing insights on... More

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Should Your Business Accept Credit Card Payments?

There's a basic rule of business: When someone offers you money, take it. Find a... More

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