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Vast Improvement: Azek Vast Pavers

Recycled rubber makes for sturdy hardscaping with these modular pavers. More

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CalStar Products Fly Ash Brick

Fly ash brick and fly ash pavers incorporate a post-industrial recycled waste material to deliver a durable product that is both aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient to produce. More

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Product Extra: New and Improved

New products from California Faucets, CalStar, Festool Genova, Green Fiber, Monzi, MTI Whirlpools, and Omnia. More

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Soil Retention Drivable Grass

The maker's line of plantable concrete systems includes Drivable Grass, a gridded network of concrete tiles that are installed similarly to concrete pavers. More

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Pavers, decorative concrete, and stone decking products

Pavers, decorative concrete, and stone decking products bring style and texture to... More

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