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Nothing But Net

Judging a company's profitability based on gross profit can be misleading. Here's... More

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Remodel Your Thinking

Business owners often get in their own way and underprice their jobs. Here's how... More

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Fattening Your Bottom Line

To increase net profits, focus on what you can control, and push away the fear... More

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Knowing the Numbers with Shawn McCadden

Shawn McCadden, president of Remodeling My Business Inc., addresses the nuances... More

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Do the Math - Overhead & Profit

In this segment of Do the Math, former Remodeling editor Sal Alfano looks at two... More

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Game Change for Insurance Work

Florida Supreme Court says insurance policyholders are entitled to the full cost of replacing what was damaged in their homes. That cost includes a general contractorís overhead and profit. More

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Bold Styling: Overhead Door Carriage House Collection

A range of architectural styles, times numerous paint and stain options, plus a variety of decorative hardware, equals a garage door design the whole neighborhood will notice. More

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To Hire or Not to Hire?

Calculate the total cost of hiring new staff before you make your move to increase... More

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