Options and Upgrades

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Insider terminology causes misunderstandings

The first day of the job, the contractor mentioned that we may have to "heavy-up" the electrical. Even with my background as a contractor, it took me a minute to figure out from the context that he was referring to the need to upgrade my electrical service to carry the heavier load. More

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Focusing on window customers' needs

Larson, of San Diego-based Lars Construction, a company that includes a $1 million... More

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Benchmark: Holes in the Net

Back in the June 2000 issue, we set the REMODELING benchmark for net profit at 10%... More

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Home Theater

According to the Consumer Electronics Association, manufacturers will sell 3... More

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Roofing: Upsells and Add-Ons

For John Miller, co-owner of Waldenwood, Shorewood, Minn., the first upsell when... More

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Choices of roofing

Putting an addition on a house roofed with clay tiles imposes the choice of either re-roofing the entire building in asphalt or using clay tiles on the addition to match. More

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Upgrading with home automation products

With more focus being placed on home automation, pressure is building on remodelers to stay up on the game. More

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