Net Profit

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A Smarter Way of Charging for Overhead and Profit

When bidding on a project, you need more than a simple formula. More

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Remodel Your Thinking

Business owners often get in their own way and underprice their jobs. Here's how... More

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Fattening Your Bottom Line

To increase net profits, focus on what you can control, and push away the fear... More

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Incremental Profit Improvements

Companies focused on improving their profit margin are often much more focused on... More

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How Well Do You Understand Profit?

For all the information given us about capturing profit, little is said about why... More

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How Do You Know You're Making Money?

These simple tools can help you know how much your business actually earns. More

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Job Pricing Blunders

A hard look at how construction business owners often fail in how they price jobs. More

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The Value of Estimating Every Project

It's not uncommon for a client to refuse to pay what they owe. Estimating a job... More

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