Mechanical Systems

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Moving More Than Walls to Open Up Space

Maintaining the load path is part of the challenge, but so is efficiently... More

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Organizing Kitchen Rough-Ins

Careful layout of mechanicals and smart sequencing avoids a tangle of trades. More

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PIRTEK Offers New Protective Work Glove Styles

The 2121P and 2125P Hex1 Series gloves provide a strong grip on dry or light-oil... More

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High-Tech Can Help Create Handcrafted Elements

New technologies can help create accurate building details when multiple identical pieces are needed�without being cost prohibitive. More

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How Do You Define 'Home Performance'?

For retired home performance expert Ed Voytovich, the core of home performance is... More

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Wayne Water Systems Sump Pump Capacitance Switch

The consumer Wayne Pumps and professional Blue Angel sump pump product lines feature new capacitance switch technology that lasts up to five times longer than traditional mechanical switches. More

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Modernist Makeover With International Flair

Ten years ago, when S+H Construction, of Cambridge, Mass., renovated the exterior of this house, the homeowners' choice of peach paint stood out in a sea of conservative grays and browns in the Harvard Square neighborhood. More

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Upgrading an Orlando cottage

When the design/build team for a neglected 1909 bungalow in downtown Orlando, Fla.... More

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Reference book for clients

The aptly named House About It, by Sheri Koones, tells it all. More

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