Measuring and Layout Tools

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Fine-Line Chalk Line

Tommie Mullaney explains why the Shinwa Neo is his chalk box of choice for... More

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Geometry for Carpenters

A few simple geometric principles can go a long way towards solving some complex... More

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Decoding the Framing Square for Rafter Layout

The real challenge in roof frame layout is not the math; it’s visualization. More

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Framing Square Basics: Part One

In the first of a two-part series, John Carroll explains how he uses those... More

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Second-Gen Blaze Laser Measures Offer Improved Settings

The tool features 11 different measuring functions and a range of up to 65 feet. More

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Foolproof Kitchen Cabinet Installation

Tips and techniques for layout, rough-in, and installation that will ensure a... More

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Real Deal Review: Leica DD230 SMART Utility Locator

Project manager Jeff Kirby finds a handy tool for getting a peek at what lies beneath More

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Crescent Launches New Line of Layout Squares

The flagship Crescent Ex6 uses a foldout extension arm to function as a 7- or 12-... More

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