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House Plan of the Week: Narrow and Luxurious

This new-home design feels fresh and outdoor-focused. More

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Narrow-Lot Plans with Curb Appeal from Visbeen Architects

These slim house designs showcase impressive style. More

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House Plan of the Week: Ultra-Narrow Modern Home

This simple design fits on a tight lot. More

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House Plan of the Week: Narrow and Versatile

This modern home design features a flexible suite on the main level. More

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House Plans for View Lots from Visbeen Architects

Lakefront living reaches new heights with these luxurious floor plans. More

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How to Get What Youíre Worth
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Measuring the remodeling experience

Remodelers are pretty good at properly sequencing a project. We know which products need long lead times and which trade contractors can't work until others have finished. Most of us have learned from experience where all the rough spots are, and we're always ready to go to Plan B. More

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Consolidation the Future of Remodeling

The lack of consolidation in the remodeling world -- which continues to consist of tens of thousands of small companies -- makes me believe that the market is ripe for it. In the next five to 10 years, I predict design/build companies will start to use more subcontractors and will open branch offices. More

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Cost-plus job with wicked curves has gorgeous outcome

Despite the rocky road, homeowners, architect, and remodeler are all delighted... More

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