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The Dangers of Fixing Mistakes

Ignoring a mistake in your work can tempt disaster. But if you fix it you might... More

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Insurance Basics for Construction Professionals

In construction, a good insurance broker may be more valuable than a lawyer. More

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How to Destroy a Wall in Two Easy Steps

Lack of a kick-out and a weep screed deliver a one-two punch to an entire wall. More

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Chinese Drywall Maker Loses a Round in Court

Appeals court denies firm's claim Florida standards shouldn't apply More

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Home Improvement Laws: Stay Up to Date or Prepare to Pay Up

As a contractor, you need to know what the laws are in your state, how they apply to your business, and when they change. Failure to do so can result in an unexpected lawsuit and lots of headaches. More

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Build Compliance Into Your Benchmarking

When you contemplate which benchmarks to use to measure your remodeling's progress, don't forget to include focusing on compliance and legal issues, Richard Feeley says. Omitting them could cause you to overlook several important foundations to success. More

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Are You Going to Court, or Courting Disaster?

Every remodeler has thought about suing a client who doesn't pay what they're owed, but going to court might not be your best option for settling debts. More

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New Law Requires NJ Contractors Wear a Badge

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie†signed legislation requiring home improvement contractors to wear a state-issued identification badge on the job at all times. More

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NY, NJ Keep Up Pressure on Rogue Contractors

The attorneys general for New York and New Jersey cracked down Aug. 15 on 216 home... More

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