Legal Issues

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Civil Litigation for Construction Professionals

Pete Fowler explains how to navigate through legal hot water when there is a... More

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Common Construction Defects Webinar

Sign up for this free webinar to learn from Pete Fowler and his team what it takes... More

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Getting Paid: Five Recommendations for Building Contractors

How to improve your chances of receiving prompt and full payments More

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How to Successfully Close-Out a Remodeling Job

When is a project ever “done” in the minds of both the client and the remodeler? More

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Building Investigation Basics

Pete Fowler explains the procedures for conducting a building investigation that... More

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The Dangers of Fixing Mistakes

Ignoring a mistake in your work can tempt disaster. But if you fix it you might... More

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Update on Cannabis and the Workplace

As legal recreational use of cannabis becomes more common, guidance like that... More

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Contract Clauses That Keep You in Control

The key to making money is control, and the key to control is in the construction... More

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Closing Contract Loopholes

Still relevant after all these years: A group of builders share clauses that they... More

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A Punch List That Won't Knock You Out

To keep the final phase of a job from derailing, make sure you address these 9 items. More

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