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The Secret to Employee Retention

Compensation is critical, but it's not just about the money More

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Remembering Bill Robinson

JLC pays tribute to an admired friend, mentor, and determined advocate for the... More

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Are You Prepared for Business?

Preparation is everything in remodeling, but it must be done proactively, not... More

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Leading a Collaborative Sales Effort

How effective a team is at collaborating depends entirely on the team leader’s... More

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Learning the Art of Managing

Shaping people isn't like shaping a piece of wood. Honesty, clarity, and follow-up... More

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5 Tips for Rebranding from People Who Have Done It

Defining why you want to rename your company in the essential first step that... More

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Leading Through Crisis

The face you show in times of extreme crisis is what will be remembered most More

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Empowering Your Employees to Represent Your Company

Your employees are the heart and soul of your company, and making sure they know... More

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Being a Business Visionary Has Its Drawbacks

Melanie Hodgdon explores the risks and rewards for visionary business leaders. More

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The Secrets of an Effective Manager

How you manage others effectively may depend on whether you are people-oriented or... More

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