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Goodbye, Gofer: New Rules for Internships

If you’re interested in setting up an internship program in order to get “free... More

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Know Your State's Rules Regarding Interns

Using interns can save you money and possibly gain you a future employee that's already trained. But you need to understand the rules to avoid legal issues. More

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Training Ground: Remodeling Internships

Mentoring interns is good for the industry, and good for your company. More

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Internship Programs Benefit the Company and the Intern

Working with interns allows kitchen and bath designers to give back to the industry. More

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Allowing Job Shadowing in Your Company

High schools run rampant with aspiring dot-com billionaires and would-be pro athletes who will get a rude reality check in a few years. If you're proud of your work and processes and are interested in introducing students to careers that they can realistically get excited about, consider job shadowing. More

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A young entrepreneur has grand plans

Chris Avant has an ambitious plan that builds on the foundation of Canyon... More

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