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Traditional Siding for a Hemp Home

Clad with cedar shingles, this Cape Cod home has a hempline core. More

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Air-Sealing an Ice-Prone Home

Fixing the main problem with bonus spaces over garages More

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Mind the Drip

Joe Lstiburek explains how kerfs and drip edges play key roles in a building's... More

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Managing Asbestos During a Remodel

When vermiculite insulation is discovered during demolition, assume it contains... More

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A Troubled Tiny House

Building a small home without considering basic physics is a recipe for a... More

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Common Code Mistakes

Code expert Glenn Mathewson highlights the construction practices that are most... More

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Survey: Roofing and Demolition Viewed as Most Physically Demanding Construction Jobs

Many Americans misunderstand the level of skill and physical difficulty involved... More

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New Icynene-Lapolla Open Cell Spray Foam Designed For High-Performance Homes

The Lapolla FOAM-LOK 750 Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation achieves R-22 in 2x6... More

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