Housing Starts

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Fewer New Homes Include Decks in 2018

The number of single-family homes with decks declined from 2017, according to data... More

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Housing Starts, Permits Drop in September

But remain above year-ago levels. More

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Remodeling's Stronghold on Residential Market Continues Due to Housing Shortages

Metrostudy's latest National Residential Economic Report reports continued housing... More

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NAHB's CEO Details Four Hopes from a Trump Administration

Tax reform, regulations, immigration, and increasing the skilled labor market top... More

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Happy Independence Day!
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Uncover the pattern in your market

Economic indicators such as housing starts, employment rates, and new home sales are often recommended as a tool that contractors can use to predict future business. But there are no hard and fast rules that say how growth or stagnation in these areas will affect the remodeling industry. Without a practical application, the numbers are meaningless. More

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