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Housing Forecast: Prices Unlikely to Come Down in 2023

Due to elevated mortgage rates and continued price appreciation, buying power is... More

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Housing Affordability Reaches Lowest Level Since Great Recession

Just 42.8% of homes sold in the second quarter were affordable to families earning... More

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Affordability Remains at Lowest Level Since 2012

Supply chain disruptions and higher potential interest rates could compound... More

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Economic Update: 'Where Do We Go From Here?'

We can expect the economy to continue to grow but at a decelerating pace, and not... More

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Coping with Material Shortages

Over two thirds of survey respondents have lost work due to exorbitant material... More

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High-End Kitchens and Luxurious Bathrooms Are Pandemic Must-Haves

Homes that advertised luxury kitchen and bathroom amenities sold for more than... More

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Existing Home Sales Continue to Soar

Seen as a strong driver of remodeling activity, sales of existing homes are up 21%... More

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COVID-19 Update: 'Shocks and Aftershocks'

'Stopping the spread is the quickest way to get the economy back on track,' says... More

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