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House Plans with Versatile Layouts from Don Gardner

These floor plans accommodate working from home and more More

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House Plans with Pocket Offices

These little work zones get the job done. More

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NAHB: Most Millennials Want Laundry Rooms

Half of millennials surveyed by the NAHB indicated a laundry room was a must-have. More

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Change of Address: The Hybrid Workplace

Now, “step into my office” can mean a lot of things. As the business world changes... More

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Get Back to School With These Study-Focused Remodels

These seven remodels will keep students studious and organized More

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4 Ways to Make Tiny House Designs Work in Real Life

Designers weigh in on the best way to maximize space when designing small rooms More

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Smartly Stationed Home Office

This polished nook embodies clever space-planning with multipurpose materials and... More

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Moving Out of the House and Into an Office? Plan Carefully

Make the move a success with employees, customers ... and your housemate More

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