Heat-Recovery Systems

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Way Ahead of the Curve

Most of his “green” clients, says Michael McCutcheon, owner of McCutcheon Construction, in San Francisco, are “true believers.” These high-end clients arenít jumping into “green” simply for the tax breaks, and they are early adopters. More

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Hybrid HVAC

Hybrid or dual-fuel HVAC systems allow homeowners to control use based on fuel prices. More

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Is Solar Water Heating Right for Your Project?

Remodelers should weigh other upgrade opportunities and the possibility of diminishing returns before moving forward with solar water heating for their clients. More

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Small Product Category May Save Big Bucks

Heat pump water heaters are a fraction of the market, but are highly efficient... More

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Spec Book: Rangehoods & Ventilation

Take care of "the air up there" with these ventilation units that remove... More

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New + Notable

Kohler. The industryís first one-piece, 1.0-gpf, high-efficiency toilet with... More

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Water Conservation Plays Key Green Role in New Mexico Condominiums

In the dry climate of New Mexico, water conservation takes center stage in any discussion of green building. Bill Roth, president of Clear Creek Management Corp., is showing that efficient practices neednít require special training or special orders. More

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Peak Performance

Heating and cooling systems account for nearly 50% of a homeís energy consumption,... More

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