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Molette House Slideshow

The historic 1825 Molette Plantation house in Alabama was moved several miles, renovated, and converted into a model of 21st century energy efficiency. More

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1825 Home Becomes an Energy Efficiency Role Model

Alabama retrofit shows how to slip a tight building envelope between historic walls More

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Chic and Sustainable: Six Green Products Clients Will Love

Good design and eco-friendly features set these finishes, fixtures, and other... More

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Survey Data: Going Green With No Regrets

A survey of 187 green homeowners commissioned by the NAHB reveals that the... More

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Green Remodel Preserves Historical Charm

Merit Award: Green Remodeling Over $250,000 More

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Making Sense of All the Available Green Certifications

Sustainable building certifications are many and varied. We help you make sense of the options available. More

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Deep Green: A Sustainable Remodel With Appeal for Future Homeowners

This LEED Platinum renovation has a long-range goal: to ensure the building's adaptability for the needs of future homeowners. More

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Shades of Green: Green Design Is a Combination of Building Science and Product Choices

Two designers talk about the ways they share "green" ideas with clients. More

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Merit Award, Green Remodeling Over $250,000: Original Blend

Modern technology comes to bear on an 1888 home that needed an energy-efficient upgrade and more space. More

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