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Purchasing a franchise

Thinking about purchasing a franchise? There are questions to ask and answer and processes to follow to make finding “the one” all the more successful. More

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Franchising grows as business model

Some six years after selling its first franchise, Case Handyman Services has expanded rapidly, with 66 partners nationwide. Now, its sister company, Case Design/Remodeling, a Bethesda, Md.ñbased firm that served the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area to the tune of $40 million in 2004, hopes to match that success by franchising full-service remodeling. More

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Profile: Ken Moeslein

Swingline Windows has been exhibiting at the Pittsburgh Home and Garden show for... More

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ODL Rolls Out Franchise Program

Door glass and decorative window manufacturer ODL is rolling out a national franchise program that will allow remodelers and other independent entrepreneurs to tap into their local markets for upgrading existing steel and fiberglass entry doors by providing on-site door glass installations. Called Entry-Point Door Transformations, the program trains installers in the use of equipment, provides marketing and advertising materials, and supplies a fully mobile workshop housed in a trailer. More

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Profile: Patrick Nicholson

Since being named Big50 in 1994, Pat Nicholson made the move from deck builder to franchise builder. When he decided to build the deck franchise, he had to create one manual of his systems and a separate one for construction details. More

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Big50 Second Look: Shawn Kumar

Kumar started in universal design, then formed We Build in San Dimas, Calif., to... More

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Big50: Movers + Shakers

Like the name of his company, Steve Taylor offers service tailor made for his... More

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Portas entering U.S. marketplace

Portas, Europe's largest remodeling company with approximately 500 franchises in 13 countries, has announced plans to enter the U.S. marketplace.Portas is also working on adapting their window systems to accommodate the differences between European and American windows. More

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"The Works" : provides home-needs inventory and serves them

For an average cost of $450 (it could be more, based on the house's square footage), a homeowner receives a "home physical," then a repair schedule, followed by a maintenance program.Customers can opt for one of four maintenance levels: what's required; recommended; optional; or done with the customer's carte blanche. More

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