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Latest New Products Roundup

Check out the Span smart breaker panel, QuietWarmth under-floor heat mats,... More

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Giving the Green Light: A Remodeler Uses His Own Home as a Green Test Case

A remodeler uses his own home to train himself and his crew in specific green practices so he can better inform clients. More

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Insulated concrete forms

Robert Myers of Icon Remodeling in Salt Lake City likes to stay on the cutting edge when it comes to new products. He thinks that Eco Block Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) might be the next big thing. The forms consist of expanded polystyrene (EPS) panels onto which a contractor adds reinforcing steel and concrete. After the concrete hardens, the forms remain as insulation for the walls. More

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Divided lites windows: Impact resistant windows: Insulated concrete forms

Remodeling firm Craftsman Construction frequently replaces windows in Charlotte's... More

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