Fencing and Railing

Box-Framed Curved Deck Stairs

A series of ascending tapered boxes form the framework for the stair’s treads and... More

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Dramatic Deck Lighting

How Dr. Decks takes a multi-level curved deck to yet another level More

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Building a Budget-Conscious Deck

Jeremy Kassel demonstrates how smart details and good craftsmanship can add value... More

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Connecting Guard Posts to Deck Frames

Mike Guertin shows how screws and blocking can be used to make guard post... More

Guards, Handrails, and the 2021 IRC

Glenn Mathewson explains the new code requirements for guards and handrails on decks. More

Durable Wood Fencing

Make cedar fence posts stronger and more durable using this innovative pinned post... More

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Playpen Backyard

In an urban setting, where space is at a premium, New Jersey contractor Rob Corbo... More

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Classic Porch Revival

How Manny Silva refreshed an old porch using a mix of original and new materials. More

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Common Code Mistakes

Code expert Glenn Mathewson highlights the construction practices that are most... More

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Freedonia Group: Prefabricated Wood Fencing Will Continue to Gain Traction

Prefabricated wood fencing accounted for 67% of wood fencing demand in 2019,... More

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