Fee Management

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Are You Going to Court, or Courting Disaster?

Every remodeler has thought about suing a client who doesn't pay what they're owed, but going to court might not be your best option for settling debts. More

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Increase Profits: Home Performance for the Long Haul

Instead of trying to create a separate business or division focusing on home performance, perhaps remodelers should incorporate the principles into all their work. If there are incentive programs that help offset some costs, thatís a nice bonus, but home performance remodeling can provide long-term benefits for everyone involved. More

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So You Want to Build Your Company on Referrals ...

Referrals cost less to produce than other leads and close at a much higher rate. But if you want to build your company on referrals, marketing and sales consultant Rick Menendez has news for you: You have to treat referrals as more than just another lead source. More

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Remodeling Trade Partners and the ARRA

Itís never been more important to work with knowledgeable trade contractors. Hereís how to get them on board the green bandwagon ñ without letting them go overboard. More

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Inform clients of a remodeling project's progress

Jeff Knorr doesn't like to keep clients guessing, nor does he want to put his... More

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