Electrical Codes

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Wiring an EV Charger

Any electrician who has wired an outlet for an electric stove or dryer can easily... More

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Can You Score 100% On this 30-Second AFCI Test?

Ace it and you could spare yourself the cost and humiliation of a jobsite fire. More

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Update: Drawer for Hair Dryer

This classic Remodeling article recently drew criticism and comments from readers.... More

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Power Pop

Solution for a GFCI electrical outlet code location requirement. More

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Changes to Requirements for Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters

AFCIs are now required for bedrooms in existing houses, expanding the scope of previous versions of the National Electrical Code. More

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Project Descriptions

What's the payback for remodeling? Our annual report compares construction cost with resale value in 60 markets. More

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Avoiding electrical hazards

The most common electrical hazard on today's construction sites is from ground fault electrical shock. In order to reduce shock-related injuries, the OSHA electrical standard requires employers to provide either ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) for receptacle outlets or an assured equipment grounding conductor program. Here are some guidelines to prevent electrical injuries. More

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