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LIRA Projects Modest Remodeling Market Gains in 2021

The Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University predicts homeowners... More

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RRI: Remodeling Market Remains Strong, But Economic Uncertainty Looms in 2021

Metrostudy/Zonda projects remodeling activity will see quarterly declines... More

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Domino Effect: The Uptick in Bankruptcies is a Risk to Remodelers

A surge in personal and small business bankruptcies in the U.S. is extremely... More

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Five Key Things to Watch Following the 2020 Presidential Election

Why you should keep an eye on the stock market, taxes, and the status of COVID-19... More

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Economic Outlook: 'The Implications of These Diverging Economies'

While the K-shaped recovery benefits housing, Zonda’s Ali Wolf and Tim Sullivan... More

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Existing Home Sales Continue to Soar

Seen as a strong driver of remodeling activity, sales of existing homes are up 21%... More

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Forecast: Remodeling to Experience Moderate Gains Through 2021

With concerns of a COVID-induced downturn largely dissipating, the remodeling... More

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Covid-19 Update: "Duration" Will Be What Matters

In their latest webinar, Ali Wolf and Tim Sullivan tackle the job of making sense... More

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Economy in K-Shaped Recovery

'At some point the two parts of the K will need to converge, whether for good or... More

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