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Making Backer Boards for Drywall Butt Joints

For faster finishing, try Aaron Miiller's simple method for making your own... More

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Adding Water to Joint Compound?

For a smoother mix with fewer bubbles, drywall pro Lydia Crowder recommends adding... More

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Pumpkin-Cut Drywall Repair

This technique is as simple as it sounds, but can trim hours from a drywall repair... More

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Here’s What to Know About Primer

A primer on which type of primer to use and when. More

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Make Primer Your Go-To for Renovations

Learn about the many benefits primers can deliver. More

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Remove and Prevent Mold in 4 Easy Steps

Remediate mold and mildew before you build. More

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Building Materials Prices Climbing at Record Year-To-Date Pace

While lumber prices are falling, the prices of other building materials continue... More

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Department of Labor Secures Judgment Requiring Arizona Drywall Company to Pay $3 Million

Stratis Construction was ruled to have violated overtime and recordkeeping... More

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Washington State University Researchers Develop Recycled Drywall Block

The block, made from drywall waste from construction projects, mimics the... More

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Ohio City Considers Regulating Who Can Hang Drywall

Toledo is considering requiring drywall installers to get a license in order to... More

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