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House Plan of the Week: Rooftop Deck Above the Garage

Here's an unusual home design with bold style and main level outdoor space above... More

The Seven-Level Deck

How Washington deck builder Kim Katwijk solved a tricky sloped lakefront building... More

Streamlining Your Deck Business

How to perfect the art of repeatable processes to eliminate errors and boost profits More

Quicker Stair Stringer Support

Pylex screw piles can be installed by hand, and might let you skip the concrete. More

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Should We Be Building Decks With Oversized Framing?

Why “up-sizing” deck joists to exceed code requirements is a waste of your... More

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Rock-Solid Stair Posts

Discover Mike Guertin's secret for reinforcing the structural connections More

Right-Sizing Deck Joists

Mike Guertin deciphers the ‘Maximum Deck Joist Span’ table in the 2021 IRC. More

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Strategies for Safe and Affordable Decks

Glenn Mathewson and John Moss join the JLC editors to discuss how to deliver a... More

New Code for Deck Support Posts Below Grade

Glenn Mathewson digs into the new code requirements for installing concrete... More

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Rugged Connections

How to build deck guard posts that won’t let you down More

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