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IBS 2020: To Build Your Brand You Must Understand Your Customer

Answering your company’s “because” can help inform marketing initiatives and spur... More

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As More 'Rooted' Americans Stay Put, Adaptability Becomes a New Home Non-Negotiable

Mobility decline means new homes require 'future-proof' systems and structure to... More

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Millennials and Boomers: A Merger of Equals?

New data shows the critical role parents play in homeownership and home buying... More

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Tips for Successful Customer Negotiation

A prospector's path maps to a buyer's needs, wants, willingness to sacrifice, and expectations. More

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Two ‘No Brainer’ Lead Gen Tools Contractors Aren’t Using

What they are, why they work — and how best to leverage them. More

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New Survey Finds Some Renters May Be Great Candidates for Remodeling, Custom Homes

Poll of Houzz registrants finds renters are as eager as homeowners to remodel, and more eager to build More

Posted on to Sell Pros New Promo Services in Target Markets

The home website has launched 'Porch Premium,' in which contractors can buy... More

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Happy Wife, Happy Life: Successful Selling Acknowledges Gender Difference

Women often control the home improvement purchasing decision. Salespeople ignore that fact at their peril. More

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Cross Cultural: Learn to Sell Outside Your Ethnic Comfort Zone

Home improvement companies can expand their customer base by marketing and selling to rapidly growing ethnic communities. More

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