Cost-Saving Ideas

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Do the Math: Tracking Breakeven

How to track breakeven and sales to make sure your on track to cover costs and meet your profit goals. More

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Keep Your Crews on the Job: Use a Taxi

Too many trips to the supply store can do some serious damage to your numbers—and can cut into your employees' productivity. How do you cut down on those costs? Try hiring a cab or courier to run your pickups and errands. More

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BidforMaterials Expands From Modest Beginnings

But online building products site connecting suppliers and contractors now sees advertising, not user fees, as best source of revenue. More

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Cost Savings Award Motivates Staff, Delights Clients

A Virginia remodeling company offers its employees a monetary award for ideas that save clients money. More

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Remodeling Stimulus

How the stimulus package's tax incentives for homeowners will benefit the remodeling industry. More

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